Flip Desperation to Desire

August 27th, 2012

Just picked up a recent blog that described the various ways that job seekers can inadvertently appear desperate, thereby undermining their image and impression with potential employers. Check it out to make sure you are not doing any of these things: http://bit.ly/PNbjql

Now that you have identified ways you may be feeling and appearing desperate, whether you are employed or seeking employment, how can you create and maintain a positive attitude and presentation when in the throes of a challenging and discouraging transition or advancement effort?

My observation of what separates an effective campaign from one that just seems to whither and wilt is that when my clients become excited about the possibilities, take sincere interest in their chosen or aspirational field, demonstrate generosity and curiosity in their conversations and meetings they turn the corner in their efforts.

Five Small steps may just do it:

1. First thing in the morning, focus on what you want to and can do rather than on what you don’t want or cannot do.
2. During the day, read, talk, research, strategize about what is needed out there.
3. Whenever you can, use every experience—even the most mundane like food shopping, taking public transportation, taking a child to the park to strike up a conversation in which you learn about someone else.
4. In the evening: build desire about alternatives you are learning about. Write down three new ideas
5. Before bed, list three insights or ideas you gained that make you more excited about where you want to be and do.

Talk about what you desire not what you are desperate about….the feedback loop will energize you and others.

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