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Don’t Wait: Create

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Are you seeking meaningful work, and having difficulty finding a job where you can do it?

Daniel Pink, in his new book, Drive, helps us see a brighter workplace future, which he calls “Motivation 3.0”. In this world, we can bring innovation, enthusiasm and meaning to our companies and clients. While traditional, job centric (Motivation 2.0) workplaces drive employees with extrinsic motivators (security, financial rewards, structure), Pink envisions the workplace of the future that supports our intrinsic motivators, such as innovation, autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Work in Motivation 3.0 may reside in a job, but one with variable hours, flexibility, time to reflect and create. Motivation 3.0 is ripe for interim, independent workers and project-based engagements.

Why wait for the future? You can instill energy and excitement in your work, whether employed or seeking a new position by re-designing the “daily grind”. As a matter of fact, this mind shift will make you more valuable to organizations, before job specs are defined and additions to head count are made. You can craft, propose, and deliver projects that meet immediate, and unmet needs. You can remove yourself from the “waiting game” that is so frustrating and demeaning. And, you can leverage your strengths and growth potential paving the way for the future.

Some of my happiest clients have decided to stop waiting for things to get better. If they are in transition, they have found or proposed meaningful projects that keep them visible, active and fresh. If they are stalled out at work, they propose a role expansion that might include a global initiative or contribute to productivity or profit. Some are taking vocation vacations to explore new fields of interest. Yet others are doing volunteer work connected to their expertise, to enhance their relationships, or to experiment with something of interest. They express renewed energy and engagement which makes them more attractive in their present role, or as opportunities emerge. And their renewed enthusiasm and energy are attractive and noticed.

Create your next step by answering these questions:

  • What matters to me?
  • What is going on in my field/company/community that calls out for my talents and ideas?
  • What do I uniquely do well that I enjoy?
  • Who needs this expertise?
  • Why do they need me?
  • How can I connect to the stakeholders who can help me make it happen?

Now, create your work opportunities!