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Realistic Reinvention

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

“All my life I’ve wanted to be someone; I guess I should have been more specific”
– Lily Tomlin

Are you waiting for your “passionate calling” to call to you?

Does the structure and stability of the status quo you sought now restrict your future?

Are you exhausted by a protracted job search and thinking about “Reinventing Yourself” but not ready to jump into the breach?

Are you looking for a new way to work and to live while having to maintain your ideal life/style?

Have you re-defined success but are not sure how to re-direct your work to reflect it?

You may be considering “Reinvention”.

Redirecting your career to doing what you love can be a ticket off of the treadmill. And, if you have been “liberated” from your job either through a reorganization, retirement or business shift, this may seem like the right time to do “something else”. A complete career/life conversion, particularly if your current work is dissatisfying, derailed or just plain dull is a very compelling.

But, you may not be ready or able to “pull the chord” on your lifestyle or career just yet.

Don’t let that stop you! Reinvention does not have to be a radical step. You can begin to integrate your “new self” is small steps.

If you are in a dead end career or unproductive job search, sometimes a full fledged change of direction is necessary and possible. Alternatively, such a radical move might be out of reach or inadvisable.

You can experiment with new direction without going the whole way. Try devoting a few hours to your desired pursuits and activities in small bites. Gradual is less risky and can lead to additional relationships and directions.

Here are some examples of what some of my clients are doing to re-energize:

• Getting on a not for profit board
• Studying for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah
• Taking trumpet lessons
• Joining AmericaCorps (Vista)
• Helping an entrepreneur whose business has expanded
• Singing Cabaret
• Studying Fashion Design
• Starting a Web Site
• Joining Toast Masters to learn how to be a motivational speaker
• Writing that novel
• Interviewing experts publishing an opinion piece or white paper
• Starting a book group
• Working on a political campaign

You may find, as others have, that when you choose to do something fun, interesting and new, you feel that you can take control of your destiny. Exploring avocations re-instills curiosity and purpose. A mutual focus naturally builds and enhances relationships. People are drawn toward others who are enthusiastic and interesting, not those who are needy and at an impasse.

Passion and curiosity are magnetic.