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Career Check Up

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Most of us focus on the health of our bodies, our relationships or our work lives when we feel pain or a threat.

Regular check ups and check ins can set us on a healthy course before the warning signs present.

When was the last time you evaluated the health of your career?

Take this career check-up to diagnose, attain and manage your career well being:

CAT Scan
Career Achievement Themes

Begin a running list of what you are doing that gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction: what problems or projects you focus on, what did you do to resolve them, and the results. Now look for themes of what you can you capitalize on, build on, and expand.

Motivation, Relationships, Inspiration

What do you care about?

What kinds of people stimulate and support you?

What ideas or concepts move you to action?

Are you engaged right now with people, actions and ideas that encourage your contributions?

Are you energized or drained by your activities and surroundings?

Blood Test
Analyze your current:






that may be undermining or diverting your attention and abilities.

Healthy careers are engendered by an ongoing attention to what works, what matters and what needs attention. Your work benefits from regular analysis, re-thinking, shifting position, adapting and adjusting based on the external and internal circumstances.

And, most important is taking some time for


Make some regular “down time” to review and refine your focus to release positive energy.