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A New Work Model

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Many mid-career and advanced career executives and professionals are realizing that jobs as we have known them are changing, disappearing, evolving. We are in a period of career transition, even for those who are employed in the traditional sense.

What does this mean for you?

You no longer can count on succession planning, career ladders, employee benefits and advancement policies to move you along in your career. And, whether you are thinking about it now, or will in the future, “ work alternatives” will expand beyond getting, keeping or excelling in a job.
Waiting for job creation numbers to improve may not be an adequate work generation practice. Rather, many are looking for ways to continue working outside of the traditional employment model of seeking and filing positions. What we know is that there often is need even when a job does not exist on the organizational chart or on a job board.

Project work, free lancing and consulting will become increasingly attractive to employers and workers alike. The costs of adding head count have already inhibited hiring.

So, for you readers who are considering going out on their own, here are some tips to guide your thinking:

  • What is your Purpose—what do you do, what value do you bring, what benefits to you offer?
  • What is your Pleasure—how do you spend your time away from work? What activities do you wish you had more time for? Do you have an avocation that could convert to a product or service?
  • What is your Process—for bringing your services, talent, products to your clients and customers?
  • Who are your Prospects—who needs and will pay for what you are offering?
  • How do you set your Priorities—how do you spend your time every day so that you can move your business along?
  • What is your strategy to Pursue business—how will you go to market?
  • And finally, Persistence is key to launching, managing, maintaining and growing You, Inc?

Remember, your current work position can also be a platform for designing and preparing for what’s next!

Staying “employable” goes beyond making sure you are secure in job!