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Promising Practices

Friday, April 7th, 2006

Remember the whole controversy that occurred around the Fast Company article, Why We Hate HR? If you missed it, forgot about it…or have repressed it…you can find the link in my August 4 2005 entry. At that time, I suggested that HR may need to do a better job of marketing itself. Well, something seems to be working!

I have received an overwhelming response to my recent blogs regarding managing stress and workflow in today’s productivity driven workplace, particularly from my Human Resources friends and clients. This seems to be a predominant theme for many organizations and individuals today. And Human Resources is challenged to keep leaders focused on: how to inspire innovation during uncertain times, communicate and gain alignment against quickly shifting business strategy and assure employee motivation and engagement during business and management change.

The good news is that from what I see, hear and read, the HR profession is increasingly and actively anticipating, consulting and creating unique solutions….what one of my colleagues at an HRPS meeting called “promising practices” (in contrast to “best practices”).

And….there appears to be some recognition of this HR Leadership. Fast Company’s Editor Keith Hammonds’, the author of the controversial article on “Why We Hate HR?”is purported to have revised some of his opinions and is going to be on a webcast on April 11 at 11:30 discussing his views regarding how HR, a largely untapped resource, can leverage itself. Tune in if you can break away from your overwhelming work demands to listen!

Another find: Kenny Moore. Take some time to hear his recent speech, or read his article, What Do You Want to be Caught Dead Doing? And pick up a copy of his book, The CEO and the Monk. His iconoclastic and refreshing approach is inspirational!

You are invited to post some of your observations and “promising practices” for others to share. Looking forward to hearing from you.