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Discover Your Next Opportunity

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Going from a title, big office, organizational support and steady pay check to being an independent consultant or entrepreneur is, for many former executives, a jolting experience. Once they get their office set up, their stationary, cards and even web site established, they often find themselves waiting for business. While quite dynamic and effective once the work comes in, the ebb and flow of business delivery and business development is not a habit forged by a corporate career where assignments are made and work is offered.

Out on your own? Having a challenging time getting and closing business?
Consider the following success boosters:

• Commitment: Are you in it for good or just until a “real job” presents?
• Sales Mindset: Do you have a business development strategy that includes targeting, pursuing, uncovering needs and closing?
• Clear Message: Are you direct, different and decisive in what you do best, who needs it and why they need you?

What might you be missing?

A sales mindset.

Here is a checklist for you to consider:

1. You always need to focus on the pipeline while delivering excellence to each customer.
2. Observe great sales professionals. You will probably notice that they display an abiding interest in others’ issues and needs supported by perseverance, money motivation, ability to prospect, and close deals.
3. Don’t wait to be asked: investigate, pursue and inform.
4. And then follow up, ask questions, provide additional information and ask for the order.
5. Follow your market, put a stake in the ground, investigate, be curious and listen actively for unsolved problems that you may be able to propose your services to address.