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The Power of Passion

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

The Power of Passion

What do you care about?

How would you like to spend your non-work time?

What interests, hobbies, creative endeavors do you dream about pursuing?

These are questions I have often asked clients who are seeking a career change, more meaning in their lives, or are trying to decide what’s next.  Many say that they are so wound up with work issues, long hours and fears about the future that they have closed off even the possibility of life outside of the daily grind.

How about you?

For a little inspiration, check out  a wonderful feature in October’s O Magazine that honors several people who have powerful passion about what they do.   Among them are:

  • Bob Ezrin the renowned music producer who founded Music Rising in response to the devastating floods in New Orleans and Nashville
  • Lisa Shannon who founded Run for Congo Women in response to the crisis for women facing the atrocities of the DRC
  • Deborah Kenny who, after having lost her husband, dedicated herself to found and lead Harlem Village Academies
  • Rebecca Onie, who as a Harvard Student volunteering for Legal Services one summer realized the vast and complex needs of the impoverished clients and founded Project Health
  • John Prendergast a human-rights activist who is the co-founder of Enough Project focused on ending genocide and crimes against humanity

In sharp contrast to the daily news about discouraged workers, low job numbers, the stalled economy, here are a group of individuals who sparkled with the desire to respond to the needs of others.  They didn’t wait until there was a position to fill, didn’t see only their own limitations of age, background, skill deficits, lack of opportunity.  They acted!

Some ways to generate passion

  • Broaden your  career thinking beyond finding and doing a job to encompass doing work that is meaningful related  what you uniquely can…and want to do
  • Start to look at the “job market” through new eyes:  get excited about trends in your industry, advances in your field, people who are doing interesting things, anticipated growth, unmet or emerging challenges and markets, events that will shape the future where your background and expertise will be important
  • Reach out and even in a small way, connect with a cause, a person, an issue that reminds you that power is not limited to position, place and pay
  • Stop waiting for someone to return your call, invite you, hire you, or to provide you with a “secure” job.
  • Replace thinking: “I want to find a job where I can gain financial rewards, advancement and have security” with “I am looking for work that is interesting and an organization that needs my help, where I can apply my expertise, contribute and grow”