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"I have worked with Sheryl for over a decade, first as Head of HR for American Express Bank and currently as Head of HR for OppenheimerFunds. Our partnership includes consulting at the leadership level to achieve change, provide executive coaching, talent development, organization redesign, employee communications, downsizing and crises management. When you work with Sheryl you get someone totally committed to the scope of the project and the success of the company. Sheryl has outstanding core vales and, simply put, is very smart. Sheryl takes extraordinary care to understand the business issues around which she consults and is able to frame these with clarity and an unusual degree of insight. As well as being a strategist around human capital issues Sheryl is very down to earth. practical and very focused on both outcomes and deliverables."

— Craig Dinsell
Executive Vice President, Human Resources


"Sheryl is an intuitive organization consultant and coach who brings a unique combination of street smarts and professional training to every assignment she undertakes. She has proven invaluable as a guide, sounding board and advisor through out my career both to me and the organizations I have led."

— David Steward
F+W Publications


"Sheryl has worked with Time Inc. in a variety of critical and sensitive assignments: executive coaching at multiple levels and number of team interventions, including a highly successful one in my own group. She is an outstanding coach and OD practitioner, who balances well-grounded and credentialed experience with warmth and intuition. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

— Kerry Bessey
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Time Inc.


Sheryl is phenomenally powerful, energetic and determined, while at the same time very charming, deeply kind and amazingly insightful.

She has a kind of beautiful ferocity and integrity: it feels as if she would never back down from an important fight, or a right ideal - and yet she has an easy and diplomatic manner which makes the fight unnecessary. She makes doing the right thing seem like the appropriate answer all the time -- whether it's in how a person works, or how they live their life. She is smart, witty, creative, curious, thoughtful - and wise.

— Cynthia Burnham
Senior Vice President, Director of Employee Relations & Learning
UBS Financial Services


"The way to describe Sheryl's approach with executives: she is a dynamo that has the energy to chase career aspirations, fears, and career blocks around the room ... and, after she catches you, you are empowered to resume your own chasing of goals and aspirations more productively"

— Joe Zarandona,
CEO Legion Insurance


"In my twenty years of association with career professionals in the corporate setting, I have worked with many gifted and talented people. Sheryl Spanier is in the top 1% of that group—she has an amazing gift for getting results in all areas of this work: career management, executive coaching, team engagement, and developing leadership strategies. Her work is of the very highest quality—so much so that I have engaged her for assignments that were the most visible and the most sensitive in the organization. She has made a profoundly valuable impact on organizations and people, because she is simply the best at what she does."

— David Rottman
Professional Advancement Practice Executive
JPMorgan Chase


"Having engaged Sheryl Spanier for executive coaching and new leader integration services, I can say she is one of the best consultants I've partnered with. She is insightful, collaborative, creative and fully customizes her work to successfully reach the desired outcome. She has the ability to quickly grasp the salient business and personal issues. Sheryl provided the necessary structure and tools to help me develop an action plan in a warm, yet direct way."

— Maryann Bruce
Executive Managing Director
President, Retail/HNW Distribution & Marketing
Evergreen Investment Services


"Sheryl Spanier changed my life. It's that simple! She taught me to be a self-confident professional while staying true to myself at the same time. She unleashed my creativity. She showed me how to be not just smart but also INTELLIGENT about my career choices. This was more than ten years ago. Today, I am still using her methodology to stay on track."

— Veronique Vienne
President of Young Vienne Inc.
Best-selling author of The Art of Doing Nothing


"When we engaged Sheryl to work with Sanofi Beaute on a customized 360° program, she became not just a consultant but a true business partner. She is not a 'boiler plate' consultant. Sheryl distinguished herself by really getting to understand what made my company unique: the business, the culture and the key players and then customized her approach accordingly. Sheryl possess a wealth of theoretical information but always came across to my management team as a practical business person and not a textbook philosopher."

— Irene Waxman,
Executive Director Human Resources
M*A*C, Division of Estee Lauder


"I refer clients to Sheryl Spanier because of her expertise in career management. She has an expansive and thorough knowledge of the business world ranging from corporations to small family run businesses. I can depend on her ability to make rapid and insightful assessments, followed up with solutions to fit the person, the problem and the situation. She is a highly skilled facilitator and understands the collaborative process. Her contributions are always additive to my own work with a client."

Marcia Greenleaf, Ph.D.
Health Psychologist & Assistant Clinical Professor
Dept. of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine


"Observing Sheryl's career has been an inspiration for many years! She is an innovative and widely experienced Senior Executive Career Counselor as well as an intelligent, energetic, and empathetic Team Facilitator. She is a leader in the Career Management field and has contributed passionately to the New York Chapter, the USA Board, and the World Council of the Association of Career Professionals International since the beginning. She is deeply respected as a Charter Fellow of the IBCMC (now the ICC.)"

— Winifred S. Downes
Founding President, ACP International
Charter Fellow, IBCMC


"I've worked with Sheryl for over 20 years. She's an industry leader who does absolutely terrific things, and has played key roles in the early growth of our profession, including the founding of our professional association and creating our certification and ethics processes."

— Ed Witherell
Former President, U.S. Board, ACP


"Sheryl is one of the most unique individuals I've had the pleasure of working with over our 20+ year business relationship. She has boundless energy, extraordinary insight about business and people and raw emotional intelligence. She easily gets to the core of an issue with a laser beam ability. Anyone who chooses to work with Sheryl will find their life enriched from their interactions with her."

— Marie Mann
Vice President, Human Resources
Remy Cointreau USA, Inc.


"I've known Sheryl Spanier professionally and personally for a number of years. Her work is always of the highest quality. Sheryl is an excellent listener and questioner, which means that she understands what her clients really need. She doesn't try to sell something "off-the-shelf," and make it fit, or try to sell something that isn't needed. Sheryl delivers on what she promises. She's a person of integrity, which is refreshing. And, she has a great sense of humor, a real plus!"

— Barbara Kurka
Vice President Human Resources
Katz Media

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